Monday, February 14, 2011

Letter to the Editor in Response to "Sam Webb: Which Side Are You On?"

Originally posted on the website of the CPUSA Houston, Texas Club on February 12, 2011

I agree with the thoughtful comments voiced in recent days by the Houston, Texas Club of the Communist Party USA. The perspectives of such comrades should not be demonized or censored. The Party’s only hope for ever recovering its Marxist-Leninist bearings, I believe, rests in the firm, indeed unwavering commitment to working-class principles of the Houston Club and other like-minded members throughout the CPUSA. The comments posted by Jose Cruz, Dave Bell and Daniel Elash on the comment section of Political Affairs are also much appreciated in response to Webb’s article.


  1. Check out the website of the Houston Communist Party at:

  2. I suppose you know this already, but this blog needs an update. We are already in 2013! If we are going to be honest in our struggle against revisionism, we have to be up to date. It's not enough to quote past misdeeds. How about the French party jettisoning the Hammer & Sickle and the U.S. party jettisoning the name "communist?" How can this be? Your blog needs more supporters and reach.